Quality Handmade Pizza Bases


La Rumbla Bakehouse is proud to produce and serve to you and your family the freshest traditional handmade pizza base together with everyday ease, practicality, and convenience.


Mastered to perfection, we offer a delicious, healthy and versatile solution to your pizza base needs in your own home. The perfect crispy crust awaits your personalized toppings for ultimate enjoyment.


La Rumbla Bakehouse recreates the taste of Italy’s finest cuisine by incorporating traditional methods as well as using the finest local produce. Our attention to quality and our commitment to authentic flavour sets us apart from mass produced, fast-food alternatives. Our pizza bases do not have any artificial flavour or preservative, they are half baked with a crust ready for you to simply add toppings and finish in your own oven.

Here are the different products to choose from:

  • Medium (11″) or large (13″) Pizza base with sauce
  • Medium (11″) or large (13″) Pizza base without sauce
  • Medium (11″) Gluten free pizza base
  • Fresh pizza dough (per kg)

Product and order info:

  • 48 hour pick up at La Rumbla Ristorante from time of order (domestic use only)
  • Available individually shrink-wrapped (no minimum order)
  • Available in packs of 10’s or 20’s
  • Product picked up fresh
  • 21 days refrigerated shelf life
  • 12 months frozen shelf life
To place your order simply call us at 02 9825 8900 or email [email protected]